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Hmm....cosplaying with pets?
I saw this cosplay of Kiba and Akamaru and just got thinking: what cosplays would be awesome to be able to do with a pet companion? I saw this one before that involved a horse (yep) and was thinking...how else might people incorporate their pets into their cosplays?
Any ideas? My only other one is Sophia with Heen from Howl's Moving Castle!
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@shannonl5 Yesss Luna and Artemis would be so cute! Riza/Hayate was one I didn't think of but that'd be good, too. I want to get cats now though so I can do Luna/Artemis...
@vulpix I thought of another one: Meowth from Pokémon! Haha that seems like a good reason to get a cat.
(though idk why misty and meowth would be hanging out but we'll just go with it)