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The 60s introduce some of the most elegant and graceful style that we could call timeless. Remember Brigitte Bardot's big, bouffant hair? It's still the sexiest style around. Joan Holloway from TV show "Man Men" is an example of the bouffant being modern, sophisticated and flirty.
Joan Holloway's updo has subtle tease on the crown. Which you can't tell it's a bouffant unless you look at it from the side. However by season 6 and 7 when she let her hair down you can totally tell her style is screaming the '60s as she strut through the halls of Sterling Cooper.
How to achieve the modern bouffant look?
There are many ways to go about it. You can either leave it your hair down, tie it half up or put it all up. The main styling point is backcombing the center to build volume at the crown. If you have flat hair you might want to use velcro rollers on damp hair. Place it near the crown and side sections. Then style as you desire.
@maymay75 I think that's her.
Is that Brigitte Bardot in the first pic? She's gorgeous!