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OK. I discovered that I wasn't crazy today... I mean - duh... yeah... I'm crazy. But I'm not like, OCD - paranoid crazy. You know... the kind of crazy that swears they made 6 crackers with cheese on them only to walk out of the kitchen for a minute to return to a plate with 5 crackers. Which is a disturbing thing to experience when you KNOW that you are alone in your house except for your cats. And it wasn't them. I mean... cats don't eat cheese and crackers. Right?
WRONG! TOTALLY WRONG! It took me 4 days of trying to catch this little thief. But I got him with my camera sitting on the counter across the kitchen - with a remote shutter release.
I make my afternoon snack of some cheese, crackers, and grapes - and low and behold! It figures that it's the Bengal. The most un-cat-like cat I have. This joker started eating my cheese and crackers - and he was going to town. I mean getting down with gusto!
I ran him off - made some more - put the cheese up and went into my office to work and snack and I hear a ruckus in the kitchen. I run in the kitchen - see what has to be the most ridiculous thing ever - and I grab my camera up off the counter and start snapping shots. He was sticking his head into the cracker box to eat crackers.
Of course then my Maine Coon wants some of that action. He wouldn't eat a cracker if it was the only edible thing left in the world... he just wanted a turn playing "Stick my head in the box"
In all... the mystery was solved and I was given confirmation that yes the sizable investment I made in my college education was worth it for I can count to 6. And I discovered that I have a Bengal Cat that really enjoys him a cheese and cracker snack in the afternoon.
I love your bengal. He's such a mischief maker.
He TOTALLY is a handful. He's not mean or bad per-se - he's just SO active and he needs constant stimulation. Without it he gets bored and that's when he starts tearing stuff up.