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BWWM Love Interracial

We all have seen the White Girl and Black Guy couple. And is soo common people would walk pass by them like nothing is even there. But what if the colors were flipped? Black Girl and White Guy? They would get stares, looks, nasty comments and maybe even laughed at. So here is to the guys and girls that loves not just wwbm but bwwm as well. Love has no color. Love sees no color. Love is color blind. Support and don't Judge one type of interracial.
Thank you so much! And it helps when everyone doesn't know our business.
@AlmightyAli That's awesome, so happy for you guys!!! Love is just about you two, not everyone else anyways, so if you know you're happy that's all that matters~~!
Right on! Love is love, regardless of which way the colors go, or what the colors even are. I mean, who cares if it's love?!
@ChristinaBryce I tollay agree with you! My boyfriend is Caucasian and he loves me to the moon and back. So Love is not a judgemental emotion. Love is the strongest addiction.
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