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Instant tanning may sound tempting and easy but the truth is, accidents happens. Not all self-tanning result in amazing results. Occasionally you might end up with uneven tan spots. So, what do you do when your fake tan goes wrong?
1. Rub ketchup over the mishap are. Yes, this works!
2. Have a few sheets of makeup wipes handy. You can use this along with your self-tan remover to remove topical bronzer and soften the appearance of the darker areas.
3. Bronzing powder can works as a temporarily quick fix if you don't have time to retouch with self-tanner. If you have time use your hand to blend self-tanner into the pale spots. For small spots use a q-tip or cottons to blend.
4. Using a tan applicator mitt can help smooth out the self-tanning solution. It also protects your hands from orange stains and helps make even circles with tanning mousse to avoid uneven streaks.
5. Body makeup can cover any imperfect. A spray like Victoria's Secret Instant Bronzing Tinted Body Spray can instantly cover up an imperfection. Liquid foundation also works!
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High school me would have loved to know self-tanning mitts existed. I used to love using sunless tanning lotion, but my palms would end up looking like they had orange cow spots all over them!
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Ketchup? That sounds hilarious hahah
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