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Want to make an awesome trail meal with couscous? It's so easy that you'll regret not taking it with you sooner!
1. First, choose a recipe. Try one of these!
2. Put the recipe together. Woooahh. I like the lunch one on page 10 :)
3. Then, when you're doing it, remember that you don't have to use boiling water! Couscous doesn't need boiling water. It will absorb room temp water just fine, just cover it in water and let it sit for 10-15 minutes until fluffy. (Hot water will go faster, in about 5-10 minutes, but you save time by not having to boil the water)
Done! Woo!

Anyone else love couscous on the trail?

(I should note that the picture above is from an AMAZING looking curry couscous recipe that I am going to try asap. Check it out here.)
@danidee That sounds great! There's a garlic couscous I use sometimes that I was thinking about but I'll look into those. Thanks.
Near East couscous would be perfect for a recipe like this. They come with different flavor packets like garlic & olive oil or Parmesan that would super enhance a recipe like that one.