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Hello everyone!!!!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I really hope you like my list!! Ok here we go!

Wang Leehom - Your Love!

This song is really beautiful! The first time I heard it i got a little teary lol the lyrics mean a lot to me personally! I hope you like it too^^

Zhang Li Yin - Agape!!

Awesome song! If you haven't heard it you're really missing out!

Angela Zhang - My Tears!!!

Fujita Maiko - Nee (from anime Hiiro No Kakera)

Love this song so much!!!! ^^

Ayumi Hamasaki - Walking Proud (live)!

Bii - By My Side!!!

I'm so freakin glad I found this guy! His voice melts me~ lol jk ;)

Kimberley Chen - Breakup Club!!

One of the more unique artists but I love her!

Kris Wu - There Is A Place!!

If you haven't heard this song then you seriously need to get it in your ears now! (⌒▽⌒)

Ian Chen - Nobody and Princess!!

Such a sweet song!!! The MV is cutie too~

Son Tung MTP - Thai Binh Mo Hoi Roi!!

I have never heard a song like this before!! It's so....ugh I don't even know what to call it ! Just listen....

JJ Lin - Never Learn!!

Beautiful voice!!

Wang Leehom - Lose Myself (feat. Avicii)!!

Yun Duo - Stubborn!!

Yun Duo wrote this song for the Paralympians! The song is about how even though bad stuff happens to us and we go through a lot we are still able to smile and continue to do what we love :) Why are we so stubborn? (⌒▽⌒)

365 Daband - Oh My Love!!


Alice Nine - Shining!!

Couldn't find the whole PV...sorry!

TFBOYS - Young!!


Namie Amuro - Golden Touch!

Never seen an MV done like this before! This is actually one of Bigbangs favourite artists!! Just an extra.....

Bii, Dino Lee, Andrew Tan, Ian Chen - Everything Changes!!!

I hope you liked it!! Look forward to part 2~ ^^ Credit to the owners of these MVs and photos! (I do not own these music videos or photos)!! (Takeshi Kaneshiro is the guy in the photo ^^)
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Love your playlist ^^ awesome job!!!!! ^-^
@danidee yes the Llama is brilliant!
Wang leehom daebak!
Please forgive me ~ but I have to ask ... can anybody tell me if Zai Zai Vic Zhou Yu Min is still does music? Or any of the F4 guys for that matter ~ or Show Low? Does Mike He, Lee To Feng or Kingon Wang or any of the F4 guys still appear in drama's.Please don't judge me they are considered "old" because those are the guys I love ... Please can you send me a list of music and/or drama's they may have done recently? Thank you for your time and attention to this matter ~ I would really appreciate your help.
@robertakm64 hmm I'm not actually sure....sorry!!! :/