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Hello everyone!!!!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I really hope you like my list!! Ok here we go!

Wang Leehom - Your Love!

This song is really beautiful! The first time I heard it i got a little teary lol the lyrics mean a lot to me personally! I hope you like it too^^

Zhang Li Yin - Agape!!

Awesome song! If you haven't heard it you're really missing out!

Angela Zhang - My Tears!!!

Fujita Maiko - Nee (from anime Hiiro No Kakera)

Love this song so much!!!! ^^

Ayumi Hamasaki - Walking Proud (live)!

Bii - By My Side!!!

I'm so freakin glad I found this guy! His voice melts me~ lol jk ;)

Kimberley Chen - Breakup Club!!

One of the more unique artists but I love her!

Kris Wu - There Is A Place!!

If you haven't heard this song then you seriously need to get it in your ears now! (⌒▽⌒)

Ian Chen - Nobody and Princess!!

Such a sweet song!!! The MV is cutie too~

Son Tung MTP - Thai Binh Mo Hoi Roi!!

I have never heard a song like this before!! It's so....ugh I don't even know what to call it ! Just listen....

JJ Lin - Never Learn!!

Beautiful voice!!

Wang Leehom - Lose Myself (feat. Avicii)!!

Yun Duo - Stubborn!!

Yun Duo wrote this song for the Paralympians! The song is about how even though bad stuff happens to us and we go through a lot we are still able to smile and continue to do what we love :) Why are we so stubborn? (⌒▽⌒)

365 Daband - Oh My Love!!


Alice Nine - Shining!!

Couldn't find the whole PV...sorry!

TFBOYS - Young!!


Namie Amuro - Golden Touch!

Never seen an MV done like this before! This is actually one of Bigbangs favourite artists!! Just an extra.....

Bii, Dino Lee, Andrew Tan, Ian Chen - Everything Changes!!!

I hope you liked it!! Look forward to part 2~ ^^ Credit to the owners of these MVs and photos! (I do not own these music videos or photos)!! (Takeshi Kaneshiro is the guy in the photo ^^)
OMG. I love your playlist!! You had so many great songs!! And I LOVE Kris' song. I literally cried when I listened to it the first time.. (≧▽≦)
@danidee yes the Llama is brilliant!
Love your playlist ^^ awesome job!!!!! ^-^
@danidee I couldn't agree with you more
Omg, the llama. There can never be enough llamas in music videos.
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