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Kim Soo Hyun fascinated the females viewers with a romantic kiss. On May 7, Pigeon, a laundry soap brand, reported, “Kim Soo Hyun, the hero of MBC TV’s drama series The Moon Embracing the Sun, is now working for our brand as a model to attract female customers’ attention.” Pigeon has chosen only female models, such as Kim Hye Soo and Soo Ae, so far. However, they tried a change by selecting a male celebrity as its new model this time. A new commercial of the brand under the title of “Kim Soo Hyun’s Silk Kiss” will start airing on May 7. In the commercial, Kim’s attracting attention with his fresh image, added to his existing bright, gentle image. Some hugging and kissing scenes of Kim in the commercial especially captivate the viewers, along with the promise he makes as, “I’ll always protect you gently.” Baek Jin Cheol, a brand manager of Pigeon, says, “We chose Kim Soo Hyun as our new model because we thought he could represent the freshness and softness of our brand as an actor who is loved by women of all ages.” People responded: “The kissing scene of Kim Soo Hyun is awesome,” “I envy the girl who kissed Kim Soo Hyun in the commercial,” “The kissing scene of Kim Soo Hyun is so romantic,” “I hope the girl who kissed Kim Soo Hyun is me,” “I’m jealous of the girl.” Src: