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We show so much love to our top lashes, we often forget about those wispy hairs on our lower lash line.

They've always been there, so why are we just realizing how amazing our lower lashes truly are? Don't call it a comeback, but it's definitely a comeback. The sixties were known for accentuating your lower lashes and it's safe to say that the trend has returned.
Accentuating your lower lashes will automatically brighten up any look and give you that runway look you've always wanted. Pull out those mascara wands and make sure you pay special attention to your lower lashes -- because we all know that they deserve love too.
You're probably wondering how can you accentuate your lower lashes if you barely have any to begin with, don't worry -- I can help you solve that problem. Although your typical mascara wand can add some length to those lashes of yours, there are mascaras out there created specifically for your lower lashes.
Are you ready to embrace your inner Twiggy and fashion runway model? Say no more. These amazing lash products are budget friendly and will allow you to achieve the exact look you're going for in no time.

NYX Cosmetics - The Skinny Mascara ($6.99)

Who doesn't love NYX products? A lower lash mascara for such an amazing price, what's not to love? This mascara wand is created specifically for your lower lashes giving them the special attention they've been craving.

Maybelline Lash Discovery Washable Mascara ($7.29)

This maybelline mascara is perfect for catching every lash and making sure that they're coated from top to bottom. Let's not forget to mention that it's washable -- no need to worry about clumping or residue.

Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara ($10)

This clinique wand was created specifically for bottom lashes. Don't let the small wand fool you, it works like a charm and it's smear free. Pretty amazing, if you ask me.
I recently ditched my eyeliner for just a simple mascara and I love it. I always used to accidentally apply too much bottom liner because I put my make up on basically in the dark lol but now my face always looks fresher :)
I saw some pictures of younique!! I wasn't sure how legit it was, but it seems like it's pretty amazing @ElizabetgCargil
MASCARA IS LITERALLY LIFE! LOL I feel like eyeliner is cool, but it's not a must. Mascara is a huge must for me @caricakes