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In case you haven't been told on multiple occasions by your mom, first grade teacher, soccer coach, or next-door neighbor, I'm here to tell you once again. PERFECTION doesn’t exist. Despite what you see in the magazines (hey, Photoshop), or hear on the TV, no one is perfect. When it comes down to health and fitness, I wish more people would throw away the word "perfect" like a used tissue and start embracing the fact that EVERYONE has flaws; however, that's not an excuse not to train and be your best.
Don’t blame genetics. I really hope you aren’t one of those people who say things such as, “I will never look like so-and-so because that’s not how I’m built.” You have wide hips? Thick thighs? Maybe an athletic body frame that will never be a size 2? Don’t fret. You can still look amazing by staying fit and eating right.
Don’t blame a busy schedule. A one hour workout is only 4% of your day. Tell me again how busy you are? I don’t want to hear that your life is too hectic every single day of every single moment because chances are it's not. You have the same amount of time in a day as everyone else. If a single mom, working 2 jobs and raising 3 kids can do it, you can too.
Don’t blame school or work. Again, going back to the whole idea of being too busy to fit in a workout. Nobody said you had to be an intense gym rat that works out morning and night for 7 days a week. If an average person goes to work, or stays in school for roughly 40 hours a week, there's plenty of time in the morning or night to squeeze in a workout. It's all about time management.
Don’t blame the weather. If it’s raining then bring a raincoat. Snowing? Wear gloves and a hat. A tornado? Lace up your shoes and run in the middle of it! (Just kidding, don’t risk your life to burn a couple extra calories, but you get the point). The weather should never dictate whether or not you workout. Think about how ridiculous that sounds.
If you want it bad enough you WILL do whatever it takes to reach your goal. If not, you won’t accomplish anything. Work hard and train harder and the results will show sooner or later. Here's a thought: If you begin to strive for progress instead of perfection, your fitness journey will bring you down a different route, perhaps with a different ending.
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Love the idea of striving for progress instead of perfection! Perfection is an unachievable goal, and reaching for it will only result in failure and discouragement. But progress is easy – and a little progress every day means big results :)