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The weight of lies [LotD #16]
Today's Lyric of the Day is courtesy of The Avett Brothers, who - in case you forgot - are legitimately great musicians, so often providing a unique balance of energy and catharsis. 2007's "Emotionalism" is full of songs that demonstrate their versatility, and "The Weight of Lies" just may be the best song they've ever made. The chorus instructs,
"So when you run make sure you run
To something and not away from cause
Lies don't need an aero-plane to chase you anywhere"
In one form or another, our decisions follow us down the road. Lies most especially, the song claims. This can be an intimidating concept, but its solution is also present in the lyric: so long as we run toward our goals, not away from our fears - attacking what we love, not shying away from that which we don't - we may be just fine.
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