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I went to see Inside Out this weekend and I must say, that is the realest Pixar movie I have ever seen in my life. I'm not gonna sit here and tell you it made me die laughing, anxious as hell and a little teary eyed (it did).
But the 6 year old boy who sat 2 seats down from me summed it up pretty good when he wailed with his hands over his eyes;
"I can't see it anymore, its just too sad."
When the Riley cried at her first day of school/had to sit alone
Starting a new school is rough. Especially when Sadness and Joy emotions got sucked up the memory tube and aren't in head quarters to help! All she had was Worry and Disgust and Anger, which lead to her not making friends, not making the hockey team, and getting into fights with her parents.
It also didn't help that Pixar made Riley so cute and goofy and her parents so awesome. Seeing them sad made me sad.
The black hole of subconscious pushed my Worry guy into override.
To Pixar the mind is a well oiled machine that actually has a train of thought, a polished headquarters, memory maintenance, a lot of nuts and bolts, and a terrifying black hole where memories go to die. And was that black hole intense.
Watching each memory just disappear into dust and blow away in that mysterious random wind was super scary and let me wondering if I have already forgotten half my life.
Speaking of the Black Hole lets talk about Bing Bong
Rileys long forgotten invisible friend was the main reason Joy and Sadness got home. And all he wanted was for his best friend Riley to remember him again. What did he have to give up for Riley too be happy again? Only his ENTIRE existence! To help Joy (who at this point was being completely annoying) we had to watch him stay down in the pit of hell aka the dark hole of the subconscious and then cry as he waved good bye to Joy and disappeared into dust. Forever.
What. The. Hell. Pixar?
Riley running away
Nothing is scarier then a little 11 year old girl deciding to run away. Actually thats a lie, whats worse is watching her parents panic and try and find her. I could actually feel the parents around me in the theater getting stressed every time Riley ignored Moms phone calls
Riley having Joy and Sadness back and finally being able to deal with the move.
Thankfully Riley came home (shoutout to Sadness, you aren't actually worthless). She finally broke down to her parents and felt sadness and happiness at the same time. And I know the point of the movie is to show that as you get older your emotions get more complex but what the hell Pixar.
I don't even like knowing I grew up, I don't want to have to watch a poor cute, little girl have to leave her easy innocence behind!
Thank God the characters in this movie were hilarious or else I would have been sobbing the whole time. Seeing the way the different emotions acted in the different people, especially the 12 year old boy who totally had the hots for Riley made this movie a must see.
Honestly though, lets just give a big shout out to the real MVPs, the dream boat fake boyfriend who "would die for Riley". Because they did.
You will be remembered.