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Beyoncé's younger sister has been a notable force in her own right for quite some time, with a soul-funk-pop hybrid sound, and a colorful personal style that rivals her sister's. Solange documents her personal fashion on Tumblr, Instagram, and I'm breaking down her color-loving style to its most basic elements so that you can get her look.
Don't be afraid to mix prints.
Solange's style isn't just colorful, it's printed and colorful. She proves the value of mixing prints so well you'd think they were made for one another, and finds printed seperates that together make a harmonious ensemble.
A printed suit can be more fun than a dress.
When she isn't making her own suits out of printed pieces, Solange favors printed suits that match perfectly, though she'll sometimes add another printed element just to remind us she's not afraid to go there. She shows the value of a strong suit, opting for a blazer where all others would default to a feminine dress.
Colorful statement shoes punch up any look.
Solange often completes her ensemble with a cool pair of shoes that add statement value to an already bold outfit. Somehow she pulls this off with confidence, and has us coveting her collection of heels.
All-white is the only acceptable monochrome.
When Solange isn't wearing the entire rainbow in prints and pops of solid color, she's in head-to-toe white. From street style to red carpet looks to her wedding outfit, Solange doesn't mind a white hot look, so long as she's all in with white accessories and details.
@Gavriella, thank you for letting me know. :)
I love all the outfits, esp the dress in the first picture. That's my favorite one.
She's pretty much perfect. I truly love her style.
I totally agree @alywoah; she's basically a colorful goddess. @chandnip804, the dress is Stella McCartney and I'm obsessed with it.