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1. No Pain, No Gain

You probably think that sore muscles means that you worked hard at the gym, and you might be right, but the phrase 'pain is weakness leaving the body' is not what should be running through your head as you're working out.

Not all pain is positive.

Soreness means your muscles have been damaged by your workout, and while that means that you pushed your body to the limit, watch out for workouts that keep you constantly sore. You should be able to recover from your soreness in a day or two - great! But if you're in a constant state of muscle pain you need a change.
Measure your success by inches you lose or pounds you can lift, not by how sore you are after a gym visit.

2. You Need to Run Fast to Get Faster

Alright so this is half true. You need to push yourself but its all about balance. Mix slow runs for endurance and fast runs for building those shorter muscles. That way you can run faster, longer. Try sprint workouts mixed with long jogs to get the short and long muscles to work together.

3. Don't Workout Right Before Bed

I workout in the mornings, like crack-of-dawn mornings and it wakes me up, pumps me up, and gets me ready for the rest of the day. If I worked out before bed I would never fall asleep.
That being said, my best friends workout right before bed because they tire themselves out, take a hot shower, and apparently get the best sleep in their lives.
Moral of the story: do what works for you. There is no solid research that says working out before bed is bad for you, and if that's how you want to exercise than DO IT!

4. Running Outside is the Best for You

How many times have you thought to get off the treadmill and run outside because it is 'sooooooo much more effective?' Well, I'm here to tell you that mentality is wrong.
The treadmill helps you control your speed, incline, and works in all weather. Some even help with cushioning your impact to be easier on the knees. If you have a specific workout in mind, the treadmill can actually be your best workout buddy.

5. Stretching Like a Ballerina with Make Me Look Like a Ballerina

Stretching might help you be flexible enough to complete exercises with the best form, thus burning the most calories, but stretching won't lengthen your legs or arms.
Your genetics determine where your body stores fat, so no amount of touching your toes will thin your thighs down. That takes cardio and pure fat burn - which stretching can help with, but not on its own!

6. First-Timers Should Stick to the Back

So sure, a person falling over in the front row of yoga class is distracting, or the newbie to hip hop stepping on other people's toes is a bit of a problem, but in order to maximize your workout you need to go where you feel most comfortable and where you think you will be able to perform best. If that means the bike front and center for your first spinning class - so be it! That way next week you'll no longer be the newbie, you'll be the pro.
@Ranjitonly Agreed! I think anyone starting out a new fitness routine should make sure they're educated about the myths and risks before starting :)
all myths busted. this is a good card for newbies trying to get into a fitness regimen
#4 tho! Treadmills are where it's at for interval workouts – which are an awesome way to get faster!
I love this card so much! I really appreciate reading cards that have truth to it. Thanks for this. Also the whole running thing -- the treadmill is a great machine! I know when I first started jogging, concrete was too harsh for my knees. And sometimes it still is.