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They may have dazzled us with their classy and handsome looks in their latest MV "Our House," but 2PM members are still the goofy members that they have been since debut.
During their recent Inkigayo interview, Jun.K revealed what role each member plays in the 2PM family.
"Nichkhun would be the dad because he has good income."
Of course, Jun.K picks one of the richest K-pop idols to be the 2PM dad. Look at Nichkhun with his dad beret and glasses!
"Wooyoung would be the mom because he hates even one speck of dust."
I can totally imagine Wooyoung being the frustrated mom cleaning up after the rest of the members. He'd probably make that annoyed face every time as well!
"Taecyeon would be the maknae because he's actually got a lot of aegyo"
This is accurate. He may not be the youngest, but he has the best aegyo of them all. Poor Chansung, getting his maknae title stolen!
"Junho would be the cat since he likes cats"
I think that at this point, Jun.K just ran out of better comparisons. But I can see Junho being easily distracted by shiny objects.
"And Chansung would be the dog since he likes dogs."
I'm not going to deny this one! Chansung, the forever old-looking maknae.
What about Jun.K himself? Chansung retaliated with "He's the ahjussi next door."
You mean the handsome K-pop ahjussi next door who sings like an angel? Then, sure!
Watch the full interview below.
Who's your favorite 2PM family member? Mine would have to be Chansung! ^_^
(@christy, check this out!)
POOR CHANSUNG! I feel like 2PM is the group that I'm not obsessed with but I love every single member.
@JaxomB I love that answer... although mine is Jun. K. all day!!!!!! @Kpopandkimchi I feel like in some way every kpop fan is a Hottest for like at least 5 minutes.... ADTOY solidified it for me tho LOL!!!
Why choose? My number 1 varies depending on the day and how I feel.
@kpopandkimchi I know right, poor Chansung! And haha, I see. I think any K-pop fan can appreciate 2PM's goofiness. ^_^