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Fallout fans, the wait for 4 is nearly over. Bethesda started their conference with this huge announcement, as well as a heap of information about it. Todd Howard, Game Director for Bethesda came onstage and launched into an expose on the game, which contains "the most ambitious and detailed game world [they] have ever made."
From the gameplay video, we learn that the storyline takes place 200 years after the onset of the nuclear war that turns everything into a wasteland, and that the protagonist is the lone survivor of Vault 111.
More than that, we also see that there is an entirely new wasteland to explore, this one being centered around the Boston area. The V.A.T.S . system from Fallout 3 makes a return, though now instead of outright freezing time, It only slows it down, making for more tension in firefights.
We also got a sneek peek at one of the coolest additions to the franchise, which is the level of customization you can bring to the game. In addition to an expanded character customization, you can now build your own settlement, using materials you find throughout the world.
This customization extends to your weapons and armor as well, making customizations to virtually every different piece. In Fallout 3, there were hundreds of objects with which you could interact and pick up that had no inherent utility. It looks like Bethesda is now trying to make sure that every in-game item has some value, at least as a means of crafting something better.
Not satisfied with all the mouth-watering Fallout 4 goodness that the gameplay trailer brought to us, Bethesda wanted to make sure that the fans all creamed their collective shorts by unveiling that the limited edition bundle of the game comes with an honest-to-god Pip-Boy replica.
It's essentially a plastic casing that resembles a Pip-Boy, but it has a space into which you can place your smartphone. Bethesda is also releasing an app to go with the larger game, promising this as a potenital two-screen experience.
Think it's just a gimmick? Well, you're right. But as Howard said, "it's the best f---ing one." The limited edition of Fallout 4, with the Pip-Boy, are already selling out everywhere. The game isn't even released and it's already sellin out. That's how powerful the fanbase is, and how desperately we want a Pip-Boy. .
Oh, and that reminds me. The very best part of the showcase, more than any footage, or gimmicks, or iPhone apps, was the way they finished the announcement. After waiting years, and with Bethesda somehow managing to contain any leaks about the game, Fallout 4 is coming this November.
For some reason, I think I'll be coming down with the flu right around that time..
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I'm so excited for the new customization options for the characters and weapons! OMG.