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When it comes to the world of beauty, it's all about taking chances and being bold.

There are several ways you can express just how bold you are, but rockin' a bold lipstick has become the new norm and no shade is exempt! The days of red, pink and nude lipsticks are a thing of the past -- for now. Embrace your boldness by trying out colors you wouldn't normally wear. The summertime is all about being bright and bold, so why not give a new lipstick a try? Whether it be royal blue, lavender or a forest green -- be bold, trendy and beautiful while wearing a bold lippie.
The art of wearing a bright lipstick is being confident in yourself. If you're getting stares, more times than often they're positive depending on how you carry yourself. Bold lipstick is meant to make any look pop, so keep it minimal when wearing a bright lippie. If your lippie is bright -- you don't need bright eye shadow, bright heels and a bright shirt. You want to draw attention to yourself, but not too much attention. There's no such thing as a color not being the right one for you. Be a trendsetter and make it work
Bright orange lipstick is perfect for any season and is guaranteed to make any complexion glow. You will definitely grab the right attention wearing a bold color such as orange. Orange looks amazing with any color, but throw on some gold jewelry and you'll be sure to have all eyes on you. Perfect for the warm weather.
If you're feeling extremely daring and want to take bold to the next level, throw on a green lip and add some glitter. We all know that glitter always makes any look pop. For a more toned down look, skip the glitter -- you'll be sparkling regardless.
Maybe it will be my summer color. I know last year's was MAC's Girl About Town.
Morange and Neon Orange are great orange lippies from MAC! I def think orange looks amazing on all complexions. I say go for it & give it a chance. You'll love it!!! @danidee
I've always wanted to try orange lipstick! Whenever I'm at MAC, I'm always half tempted to bring a tube of Morange (their medium orange shade) home with me, but I'm afraid I'd never wear it. This gives me confidence!
That's actually not a bad idea! I need to find a summer color. Hmmm, now I must go find one & wear it faithfully. Girl About Town is a pretty pink color though! @danidee