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Did you know?

She's one of the most iconic Hollywood stars to ever grace the silver screen. She's incredibly talented and is known by her costars to be the teacher and mother on set. Streep has been in numerous movies that were huge hits and she's not even done yet with her career. But today, we get to celebrate one special day. She turned 66 today and here's a few fun facts to honor this amazing human being.
Meryl Streep is a feminist.
Streep has always been vocal about her stance of equal rights for men and women. And of course, she totally supports equal pay for equal work. Go girl power!
She graduated from an Ivy League.
Meryl Streep graduated from Vassar College to then continue into the Yale School for Drama. That training helped her become one of the best actresses of all time.
Meryl Streep supports Hillary Clinton.
No one would get a selfie with Clinton if they didn't like her, duh.
She's short!
She's only 5'6 and she has had to use set props, special lighting, unique angles, and higher heels to make her taller for movies like "Julia and Julia" (She was Julia Child at 6'2).
She filmed the "choice" scene in "Sophie's Choice" in just one take.
She refused to do a second take because it left her emotionally drained. Saddest scene in a movie ever.
She is about to star alongside her daughter in upcoming movie, "Ricki and the Flash".
Her eldest daughter, Mamie Gummer, will join her on the screen but has been on screen before with her mother in 1986 "Heartburn" and 2007 "Evening".
She's right up there with Julie Andrews as far as who I would adopt as my grandmother.
Always been a fan of Streep.. loved her in Devil Wears Prada