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We all know and love our Gilmore Girls. If you don't, hop on Netflix and I'll see you in about a week and a half. All 6 seasons are up and you will get addicted.
Anyway, our favorite heart throb Rory has had her share of memorable boyfriends, dates and crushes along the way and there is a definite ranking of how amazing they are.
The list goes from worst to best!
He was a one time deal and he messed up big time. Who sits on the same side of the table as their date? Insanity.
Sean from Spring Break
We all wanted this to happen. Rory was in such a dry spell after Jess and it was her freshmen year of college! They were making eyes all week. It's a shame in the end that he started their could be romance by asking for a three way with her and Paris.
The original bad boy. He was in love with her since the moment she stepped foot into Chilton and was such a cutie. It's such a shame he couldn't figure out how to flirt at an age level above a 4th grader. Calling her Mary because she was a virgin and just making her feel weird is not the way to Rory's heart.
And just when he was almost getting to her...military school. We miss you Tristin.
Ugh. Dean sucks so bad it sucks to type this. The only reason he is this far down on the list is because he was Rory's actual boyfriend. Unfortunately. He was a typical small town boy who never was interested in books and could never even come close to intellectually stimulating Rory. He got mad over everything and was a bit controlling when Jess came around.
And he cheated on his wife for Rory. Like get over it Dean, you were never good enough.
Hot, rich, funny, smart and knows how to drink, Robert was always in interesting sub-character. Unfortunately Rory only gave him a chance to make Logan jealous. Its a shame really, because it would have been so interesting seeing him and Lorelai interact.
You were so sweet, a little to boring, but still the perfect friend for Rory. We could all see your crush from a million miles away and the friend zone was pretty rough to watch. You are amazing to hang out with and have Marx Brother's movie themes, but other then that, you just didn't have it Marty. You will always just be naked guy to us.
Also you lied about knowing Rory, way to be a little pansy about things.
You seriously had my heart. When Rory said no to you I think my Dad thought I was going to sit shiva. You were smart, witty, dangerous, confusing, super hot and so sweet and caring when you wanted to be.
But you could also be a total jerk. And even thought it wasn't exactly your fault Rory got arrested, you certainly helped. Plus I hate when the Lorelai's fight and they fought a lot with you around.
Ahhhhh Rory's soul mate, and my teen crush for about 3 years. He was such a little rebel in the small town of Stars Hollow. Everyone loved to hate him, and hated when he left. His tough outer shell was so hot and it made him even more perfect watching his soft side come out with Rory. He was smart and interesting and loved all the things Rory did.
So he wasn't the best when they were dating, but he had a rough life. Later on he ended up publishing a book, working in a job he loves and living the life that would be amazing for him a Rory, all before she even graduated.
I know they ended up together. I just do.
@lizarnone also fuck you
@lizarnone more like a brother. They were terrible together and he always controlled her. Definitely not her soulmate
@bulie how can you say that he's amazing !!! Maybe not when he was actually dating her but he's her soul mate!
Fuck jess