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The last place you'd expect to find Walter White is at a dance-music festival in Las Vegas.
Last weekend Bryan Cranston aka Walter White joined Above & Beyond, an EDM group, on stage at the Electric Daisy Carnival. The group has a song called 'Walter White' and it seemed fitting to have the man himself come on stage and introduce the song.
Bryan Cranston walks on stage to tons of cheers and says his most famous line, "Say my name."
Then, after being super dramatic, he just dances on stage with Above & Beyond for the rest of the song.
Breaking Bad fans who miss the drama of Walter White will love this video because you get to reminisce while also just watching Bryan Cranston be a super cool dude.
Happy late Father's Day to one of the coolest dads around.
This. Is. Awesome. I love Bryan Cranston! He's an incredible actor.
@allischaaf I know right! He is an amazing actor, and I love that he also has this fun/cool side. He would definitely be a fun dude to hang out with.