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The plot thickens.

In case you don't remember: Jessica was suddenly told that she wasn't coming to China with the rest of SNSD for a fan meeting - because she was kicked out of the group. Most people believe that it was because she opened her own fashion line and the other girls were jealous that she was making money on the side.
Because the break with SNSD was so sudden, it looks like SM had already filmed the Japanese version of 'Catch Me if You Can' with Jessica, and had to rerecord the song and the video to make up for her absence. Personally, Jessica was one of my favorite members so seeing her go was like the last straw (plus this song sucks)

Jessica, we love you!

What's with SM and not letting idols do their own thing? Sigh.
Poor Jessica, I never really liked SNSD but the whole deal with her and SM was just a whole lot of BS and yeah I really don't like this song, except for one little part, it's just annoying!