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Hey guys! Inspired by @MattK95's K-Pop Artist of the Month collection, I had the idea to make a Maknae Monday one since I'd love to tell you all about my favorite groups' maknaes and learn about yours.
This week, I'll start with one of my all time favorites...Nam Taehyun from Winner.
Name: Nam Tae Hyun (남태현)
Group: Winner
Birthdate: May 10, 1994
Hometown: Hanam, South Korea
Role: Vocal / Composition
Languages: Korean, Japanese
Horoscope Sign: Taurus
Specialty: Martial Arts, Boxing
Hobby: Composing, Writing Lyrics
Tattoo(s): "Jean Michel Basquiat" on left arm and "Stay Gold" on left wrist.
Latest Project: He will be starring in the upcoming SBS drama, "Late-Night Restaurant"
Here are some fun "facts" about this adorable maknae...
He's famous for his parted hairstyle. (I have a love-hate feeling about it).
Besides Mino, he makes the weirdest faces in the group! (Eyebrow game too strong!)
He is very supportive of his hyungs and puts them first (...most of the time).
He is (brutally) honest. (Poor Seungri, no love from his fellow maknae!)
He pulled off this look really well in his Heirs parody with fellow Winner members!
He is most often seen joking around with his Winner bestie, Mino. (They are so adorable!)
Hope you enjoyed learning about Taehyun!
Feel free to share cards about your favorite maknaes (you can post them anytime! I'll just be sharing mine on Mondays ^_^)
I am so happy I was able to inspire this collection with my own, I love this idea! I can't wait for more ^^
I had no idea that Taehyun was the maknae of Winner!! But now that you mention it, if it weren't him, I'd have no idea who it WOULD be lol.
I LOVE THIS IDEA!!!!! AND I LOVE TAEHYUN and his hair! (≧▽≦)
@poojas he's also deaf in one ear which just makes his vocal ability that much more impressive 。^‿^。
@PassTheSuga OMG. SERIOUSLY?! I didn't know that AT ALL. I'm even more amazed by his beautiful voice... (*¯︶¯*)
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