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Actress Lee Da He is rising as the next generation Hallyu star in China. Lee is currently shooting Chinese series Love Recipe in Shanghai, China, and receiving many offers from the commercial world. She is representing Chinese cosmetic brand and TV but more companies, including soda and communications, are asking her to become a representative for them. Her various works in China formed countless fan bases in China. Over 3 million people are following her Chinese social network account and over 10 million people has become members of her official fan club. Lee’s agency thinks that the reason of her high popularity in China is she speaks Chinese very fluently. On May 7, Bae Kyung Ryeol, president of Forestar Entertainment, said, “The most powerful weapon for Lee to be successful in China is her fluent Chinese skill. Most Korean entertainers use Korean while performing in China but Lee is different.” Src: Feel like only her can pull off a dress like that “She has been studying Chinese for almost 7 years and now she is like a native. That’s why Chinese people feel familiar to her. Since she is a beautiful talented actress who can speak Chinese very well, she appeals to Chinese people.”