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One of the most anticipated shows of the summer, or even the year, premiered last night. True Detective just entered its second season, and with all the hype its been given, its no wonder the show didn't meet the high expectations of harsh critics.
I'm going to cut the season premiere a little slack, but generally, I have to agree with its mediocre reviews.
Season one was dark, eerie and full of cliffhangers that left me yearning for the next episode.
So far, season two seems like a pathetic attempt at recreating the mystery of its predecessor. The characters are dark and well-acted, but the plot and dialogue they have to work with are less than impressive. The mystery is slow-moving and the writing feels deliberately complicated, leaving me a bit confused by the end of episode one.
To be fair, I've only watched one episode, and it's not like season one didn't have some slow-moving parts as well. Also, with all the hype its been given throughout the year, I wonder if anything would have lived up to the expectations set for the anthology?
I will continue watching the show, but only in the hopes that it lives up to the thriller that season one ended up being.
@chandnip804 - If you liked the first season, I'd still give it a try. We'll see, hopefully it gets better!
@LauraFisher, I hope it's a slow start.
@shannonl5 yeah hoping it's just a slow start as well. It's an awesome idea and the first season was so good! I thought the acting in the first episode was good, but yeah the writing was a bit overly complicated. Fingers crossed the season gets better!
I'm so sad to hear this! Maybe it's just a slow start? I really love the concept of the show- changing the cast every season feels like such an innovative idea I'll be sad if the writing can't support it.
Awww sad to hear this