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Catcalling, street harassment, a necessary evil when walking to your local grocery story, whatever you call it, women have been dealing with cat calling since forever. Fortunately, a lot more media attention has been bringing awareness to this issue recently!
Yet, some people are still getting confused about what is catcalling and what is "just being friendly".
Cat calling is any kind of verbal interaction between (usually) two strangers in public that makes the victim feel uncomfortable, unsafe and vulnerable.
So for those confused here are a few examples of what is cat calling, and why we hate it.
"Smile, honey you would look so much prettier."
"Good morning beautiful."
"You just made my day better."
"Sweetheart did you fall from heaven?"
"Can I get your number?"
"Walk away, I can watch you just fine from here."
"What bitch, you can't say a polite hello back."
Those are just a memorable few of the constant stream of street harassment that comes my way as I walk to work, the train, the grocery story, up the block. Sometimes I wonder what it is like to just be able to walk down the street and not have to worry about being eye molested for wearing shorts in the summer.
And here is the problem. As more women raise objections to the street harassment, more people are saying that that we women are being to "sensitive". That we don't know how to take a complement, that we should be polite, that if we don't want the attention maybe we shouldn't dress so pretty.
Sorry that I don't respond to your liking but the crazy thing is, you don't know me, or where I am walking to. Maybe I am going to a funeral and I don't feel like smiling for some asshole who doesn't even matter to me. Maybe I am just in a rush and want to get my errands done quickly.
Weren't we always taught as children to not speak to strangers ? Why is it now considered rude when I don't respond to strange men on the street? Is it because I have boobs now and with that comes the burden of unwanted attention?
Screw that.
So I have a question...would you want your mothers to get catcalled like that? Do you want your sisters to have to walk faster in the streets because she can feel the leering men trying to stare up her uniform skirt?
Do you not think that maybe, after so many women have objected to being spoken to by strangers on the street, that people would just realize it is unwanted and stop?
Keep ignoring those aholes
@alywoah thats horrifying!! i would feel even more scared!! doing something like that in front of a child is even worse!!
@LauraFisher omg that was amazing!!!! her coming on clapping like that was golddddddd
@LIzArnone you should watch this: Jessica Williams from The Daily Show takes on cat calling, it's awesome!
Yess! That reminds me -- I once had a guy say obscene things to me while I was walking with my 5-year-old cousin. It was frightening and nerve-wracking. Especially since I had a little girl with me.
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