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Sometime last week, I wrote about the Sony conference at this year's E3. A big part of their conference this year was the reveal that they are remaking Final Fantasy VII, a game with such a strong fanbase that the simple announcement of its remake actually made Square Enix's stock price rise.
While that's all well and good and I do look forward to playing the remake (because I'm a sucker and Square Enix is going to be getting at least part of my soul as payment), the news of the remake made me remember the idle days I spent playing Final Fantasy as a young'un.
"Avast, if only it were but 2002 again, and I would have my old consoles and therefore the ability to play these games again!" I screamed aloud to no one in particular. "But wait, Vin!" retorted a shapeless, ethereal voice from the heavens. "You forget that it is 2015, and technology has served to bring these experiences back to you!"
I thanked the disembodied voice, remembering that emulators are a thing now. For those of you who don't know what an emulator is, it's basically a software that serves as a copy of an old console, so that you can replay old titles in the interface they were once provided in, and they serve as a means of returning us to the simpler days of gaming.
Pictured above is an emulator I like to use. It's a simple Gameboy Advance emulator, and it runs on Android. With it, I can play old GBA games on my phone. They can take up a bit of space, though, so be wary with the files you download.
Emulators work by running ROMs. Roms are read-only memories, meaning that they are files that cannot be changed or deleted. Roms used for video game emulators essentially contain a read-only copy of the game data from the original format. For instance, on my emulator, I'm running Final Fantasy VI Advance.
I love emulators for the nostalgia factor. There are games that I played a lot (or a little) growing up that never got ported to newer console generations. There are games that I've lost due to moves or innattention, and emulating gives me the opportunity to play them again.
The only real issue I have is that as far as I've seen so far, there are no universal emoulating platforms. I understand that every different console has its particular coding issues and things, but I figured with modern technology, we'd be able to see at least one. As it stands right now, if you want to play a GBA game, you need a GBA emulator. If you want to play a Playstation title, that's an entirely different emulator. Not a huge peeve, but still.
Many of these emulators and roms are free downloads, though I do advise caution. Moreover, I suggest purchasing an emulator if you have the chance. It takes hard work for these folks to make these emulators, so they could use the support.
Now that you have the knowledge, go forth and emulate!
@butterflyblu that's amazing!! I wish that I had that level of supernerd in my family. I would kill to have something like that. so when yo usay anything, does that also mean you have all the games on it? do they all play on the xbox controller? I'm so happy your 'minion' (lol) has the opportunity to play these games that are so monumental in gamer's lives. as for FFVII, fangirl, yo. This is a good space for it. just ask @danrodriguez, haha. I love the game, enough to write about it on the internet.
*Evil laugh* Yeah, so, I know I'm rolling into this conversation 2 months late, but hey, not my fault: 1- I didn't know Vingle existed 2 months ago; 2- It was suggested at the bottom of another card. Sorry. :P Anyways. My brother and cousin are nerds. It's okay - I'm one, too. Nerd-Geek-Gaming-Hybrid Monsters. That's what we are, yo. The dudes work at NASA. We're all super smart pains in each other butts. We're an interesting bunch. Lol. So, back when my minion was about 3 or 4, I made the comment one day that I wanted to buy more old school Nintendo games for him to play. They look at each other with this look that I've come to know well: "hatching a plan". My brother says, "well, can I take the Xbox home?" "The original? Sure...." I said, knowing better than to ask. The next weekend, these two show back up and plug in my Xbox. Then, I realize they are unplugging all the other older consoles - Nintendo, Atari, Playstation, etc. I jumped up. "Whoa, hey! The kid plays those. *I* play those!!" They just nodded and told me shut up and watch. Next thing I know, my Xbox boots up. They've hacked the damn thing and loaded an emulator like nothing I'd ever seen at the time. I can play everything from the beginning of consoles up through the introduction of PS1. I still have my consoles on display, because, duh, but my kid learned what games were on that emulator. Not to mention, I freaking love it. As for FFVII, don't make me Fangirl again. I'll do it... I mean it. <3
@MattK95 yeah man, it was a really cool reveal. Sony knows fanservice. I'll have to say though, I'm more interested for now in The Last Guardian and seeing how that turns out after so long
Oh, yeah, @VinMcCarthy. I also use emulators on my laptop. I occasionally use them when I'm in the mood for old school RPGs like Final Fantasy VI (it's III in the US but there's a translation patch to play the uncensored Japanese version) and Phantasy Star II. ^_^
@VinMcCarthy Oh yeah. All the games are programmed right there into the console. It's running more like a computer at this point. At the start screen, you enter a directory to choose which game system you want to access and then the games are organized in alphabetical order. The Xbox controller runs all the games unless it's a special game like, for example, Duck Hunt or Time Crisis. Then, I have an adapter that plugs into the controller port that allows me to plug the guns into the Xbox console. I can even Dance, Dance. Lol. It's truly awesome. I know. You can't have it. It's mine! :P
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