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Sometime last week, I wrote about the Sony conference at this year's E3. A big part of their conference this year was the reveal that they are remaking Final Fantasy VII, a game with such a strong fanbase that the simple announcement of its remake actually made Square Enix's stock price rise.
While that's all well and good and I do look forward to playing the remake (because I'm a sucker and Square Enix is going to be getting at least part of my soul as payment), the news of the remake made me remember the idle days I spent playing Final Fantasy as a young'un.
"Avast, if only it were but 2002 again, and I would have my old consoles and therefore the ability to play these games again!" I screamed aloud to no one in particular. "But wait, Vin!" retorted a shapeless, ethereal voice from the heavens. "You forget that it is 2015, and technology has served to bring these experiences back to you!"
I thanked the disembodied voice, remembering that emulators are a thing now. For those of you who don't know what an emulator is, it's basically a software that serves as a copy of an old console, so that you can replay old titles in the interface they were once provided in, and they serve as a means of returning us to the simpler days of gaming.
Pictured above is an emulator I like to use. It's a simple Gameboy Advance emulator, and it runs on Android. With it, I can play old GBA games on my phone. They can take up a bit of space, though, so be wary with the files you download.
Emulators work by running ROMs. Roms are read-only memories, meaning that they are files that cannot be changed or deleted. Roms used for video game emulators essentially contain a read-only copy of the game data from the original format. For instance, on my emulator, I'm running Final Fantasy VI Advance.
I love emulators for the nostalgia factor. There are games that I played a lot (or a little) growing up that never got ported to newer console generations. There are games that I've lost due to moves or innattention, and emulating gives me the opportunity to play them again.
The only real issue I have is that as far as I've seen so far, there are no universal emoulating platforms. I understand that every different console has its particular coding issues and things, but I figured with modern technology, we'd be able to see at least one. As it stands right now, if you want to play a GBA game, you need a GBA emulator. If you want to play a Playstation title, that's an entirely different emulator. Not a huge peeve, but still.
Many of these emulators and roms are free downloads, though I do advise caution. Moreover, I suggest purchasing an emulator if you have the chance. It takes hard work for these folks to make these emulators, so they could use the support.
Now that you have the knowledge, go forth and emulate!
@butterflyblu that's amazing!! I wish that I had that level of supernerd in my family. I would kill to have something like that. so when yo usay anything, does that also mean you have all the games on it? do they all play on the xbox controller? I'm so happy your 'minion' (lol) has the opportunity to play these games that are so monumental in gamer's lives. as for FFVII, fangirl, yo. This is a good space for it. just ask @danrodriguez, haha. I love the game, enough to write about it on the internet.
*Evil laugh* Yeah, so, I know I'm rolling into this conversation 2 months late, but hey, not my fault: 1- I didn't know Vingle existed 2 months ago; 2- It was suggested at the bottom of another card. Sorry. :P Anyways. My brother and cousin are nerds. It's okay - I'm one, too. Nerd-Geek-Gaming-Hybrid Monsters. That's what we are, yo. The dudes work at NASA. We're all super smart pains in each other butts. We're an interesting bunch. Lol. So, back when my minion was about 3 or 4, I made the comment one day that I wanted to buy more old school Nintendo games for him to play. They look at each other with this look that I've come to know well: "hatching a plan". My brother says, "well, can I take the Xbox home?" "The original? Sure...." I said, knowing better than to ask. The next weekend, these two show back up and plug in my Xbox. Then, I realize they are unplugging all the other older consoles - Nintendo, Atari, Playstation, etc. I jumped up. "Whoa, hey! The kid plays those. *I* play those!!" They just nodded and told me shut up and watch. Next thing I know, my Xbox boots up. They've hacked the damn thing and loaded an emulator like nothing I'd ever seen at the time. I can play everything from the beginning of consoles up through the introduction of PS1. I still have my consoles on display, because, duh, but my kid learned what games were on that emulator. Not to mention, I freaking love it. As for FFVII, don't make me Fangirl again. I'll do it... I mean it. <3
@MattK95 yeah man, it was a really cool reveal. Sony knows fanservice. I'll have to say though, I'm more interested for now in The Last Guardian and seeing how that turns out after so long
Oh, yeah, @VinMcCarthy. I also use emulators on my laptop. I occasionally use them when I'm in the mood for old school RPGs like Final Fantasy VI (it's III in the US but there's a translation patch to play the uncensored Japanese version) and Phantasy Star II. ^_^
@VinMcCarthy Oh yeah. All the games are programmed right there into the console. It's running more like a computer at this point. At the start screen, you enter a directory to choose which game system you want to access and then the games are organized in alphabetical order. The Xbox controller runs all the games unless it's a special game like, for example, Duck Hunt or Time Crisis. Then, I have an adapter that plugs into the controller port that allows me to plug the guns into the Xbox console. I can even Dance, Dance. Lol. It's truly awesome. I know. You can't have it. It's mine! :P
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10 Reasons to Have a PS4 in 2016
It has been just under a month that I have been an official owner of a PS4. I waited for a long time to pick up this current-gen platform for a few reasons. The first was money. Because of course it was, I'm a shoddy millennial with no prospects. The second was sheer lack of games. The pickings for PS4 at it's release were slim to none, and they didn't have many promising exclusives in the near future then. It is vastly different now. Sony has an impressive array of exclusives, and some of the games that are cross-platform still just look better on the PS4. Horizon: Zero Dawn Robot. Dinosaurs. I feel like that's all I should have to say about Horizon: Zero Dawn, the newest PS4 exclusive from developer Guerrilla Games, the people responsible for the Killzone series. Taking a bit of a breather from their traditional shooters, H:ZD looks amazing as an action-rpg set in a far future where robotic dinosaurs dominate the world. What's super cool to me here is that this game is post-post-apocalyptic. This isn't the battered wasteland of Fallout, this is a world that was destroyed and then reclaimed by nature, and the human characters here know only the world they inhabit. Our days are ancient history for them, and that is so exciting to me. Uncharted 4 Chances are that if you've played any PS3 or PS4, you've at least touched on Uncharted. The runaway best-selling franchise is a staple of Sony's console, and Uncharted 4 is Naughty Dog's foray into the current gen. Now with an older, more grizzled version of the wry hero Nathan Drake, the story looks like it will highlight the dynamics between Nathan and his long-lost brother Sam, who makes a dramatic reappearance in his brother's life. With the new bells and whistles the PS4 provides, I'm excited to see what misadventure Drake will wind up in this time. Final Fantasy 15 In a bunch of ways, Final Fantasy 15 was the game that never was. Announced first nearly a decade ago, FFXV was originally Final Fantasy VS XIII for the PS3. Plus, with everything that FFXIV wasn't, the whole series very nearly came to an abrupt and disappointing halt. However! FFXV lives and is scheduled for a 2016 release. Probably the most ambitious Final Fantasy game ever, the game eschews the old style of FF games and makes a totally open world for the player to meander about. It also changes up the combat for a more action-heavy, real-time system similar to Kingdom Hearts. Consider me excited for Final Fantasy again. Honorable mention: The FF7 remake that everyone is dying for. I'd have put it on this list except it doesn't have a scheduled release date. Abzu The older I get, the more diverse my taste in gaming becomes. I still love run-and-gun action shooters and sword-slashing RPGs, but I also have a lot of room in my heart for games like Journey and Flower. Quiet games that show the artistry possible for video games. Abzu is one of those games for me that screams artistry. It's all about underwater exploration, a concept that I think everyone can get behind. Who doesn't want to see what majesty hides beneath the waves? With this exclusive, you can find out. Firewatch I wrote about Firewatch this past summer as one of the games I was looking forward to the most in 2016. The art style, the walkie-talkie relationship dynamic, and the setting all coincide to make what I believe will be an experience any gamer should jump into. That hasn't changed. The more information that come out, the deeper my intrigue for this game grows. It's slated for a February 9th release, making it one of the titles on this list you don't have to wait much longer to pick up. Gravity Rush 2 Gravity Rush was a platformer originally release on the PS Vita that followed Kat, a young girl who wakes up with no memories and who makes the startling discovery that she can manipulate gravity. Armed with powerful kicks and a somewhat trippy power, Kat fights her way through a beautifully animated world. If you're like me and didn't have a Vita to play the game on, don't fret! the original Gravity Rush is getting a remastered HD edition release on the PS4 as well! No Man's Sky Probably the most hyped game I've ever seen, No Man's Sky has been making headlines since it was announced at E3 2014. The game boasts a massive procedurally-generated map filled with over 18 quintillion different planets to explore. It's entirely possible for players to only ever encounter unique planets that no other player has ever discovered. The vastness of the game is staggering, making it one of the most highly anticipated games of... ever. Persona 5 The massively popular Persona series from Japanese developer Atlus (who are responsible for all the Shin Megami Tensei games as well as Catherine) is getting its newest addition to the series in the summer of '16. The series is already notoriously bonkers: in one game, players have to shoot themselves in the head to summon their personas. The anime styling of the game and strong emphasis on narrative and goal completion make this a popular title for completionists and anime fans alike. Shadow of the Beast Shadow of the Beast is a little-known game from way back in the day that featured all the best of what 1989 had to offer in terms of video games. It was a side-scrolling violent adventure that was brain-destroyingly difficult. And now it's getting a remake! Though there isn't a hard date to look to, reports do say the game is slated for a 2016 release. Huzzah! The Last Guardian Team ICO basically has my ever-faithful support in any endeavor they decide to embark on. Ever. With that being said, my faith in the developer of my beloved Shadow of the Colossus has waned with the years, especially with the disappointing saga of The Last Guardian. Originally announced as a PS3 release in 2007, The Last Guardian has been tossed around development hell for nearly a decade. Now, it is (allegedly) finally coming out for PS4 in 2016. I hope that stays true.
Top 10 MLM & Network Marketing Companies Of 2021
Before knowing  top 10 MLM & network marketing companies, let us know what is network marketing. Network marketing is a type of business opportunity that is very popular with people looking for part-time, flexible businesses. Network marketing, also known as multi-level marketing, is a direct selling method that uses a network of people to sell a product. The participants in this network are usually remunerated on a commission basis. Network marketing is a medium of marketing that manufacturers use to expand their sales. Here’s the list of top 10 Best Network Marketing Companies. Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited Amway Herbalife Forever Living Products Keva Vestige Safe & Secure Online Marketing Pvt. Ltd Win Nature International Pvt Ltd Modicare IMC Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited Mi Lifestyle Marketing Private Limited is an Indian company established in Chennai in 2013 and a network marketing company offering a wide range of lifestyle products directly to consumers and products approved by AYUSH. Amway Amway is an American company that uses a multi-level marketing model to sell a wide range of products, primarily in the health, beauty and home care markets. Amway was founded by Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos in 1959. Amway Businesses Offer, Opportunities That Empower, Relationships That Endure. Herbalife Herbalife is a global nutrition company that has helped people to live a healthy, active life since 1980. Our nutrition, weight management and personal care products are available exclusively through our more than 2.3 million independent associates in more than 90 countries. Forever Living Products  Forever Living Products is a privately held multi-level marketing company based in Scottsdale, Arizona, which manufactures and sells aloe vera-based beverages and bee-derived nutritional supplements and personal care products. The company was founded in 1978 by CEO Rex Maughan. Keva  Keva Industries, established in 2009, is the world’s leading direct selling company, Wellness, Food, Personal Care, Color Cosmetics, Home Care, FMCG, Animal & Agriculture products. Company has more than 400 products in its portfolio, almost all segments with a unique offer of Buy 1 get 1 free. Vestige Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd., which started operations in 2004, is the leading direct sales company in the field of world-class health and personal care products.Vestige is growing at a phenomenal rate every year. Safe & Secure Online Marketing Pvt. Ltd Safe & Secure Pvt Online Marketing. Ltd. is an Indian direct selling company. Safe Shop offers a wide range of educational products, lifestyle, technology products. Win Nature International Pvt. Ltd Win Nature International Pvt.Ltd was Established in 2015. It is an emerging manufacturer of Ayurvedic products located in Nagpur (Maharashtra), the center of India We are a dynamic team, with expertise in manufacturing Ayurveda products and direct sales as well as men and money management. Modicare  Since the inception of the Modi Group of Industries, the core philosophy has remained consistent—to enhance, engage and empower people’s lives. This very ethos remained at the heart of the Modicare Foundation when it was established in 1996. International Marketing Corporation Pvt Ltd International Marketing Corporation Pvt Ltd. is an Indian network marketing company. IMC is an Indian direct selling company that began operating in 2007 and is a member of IDSA. The company’s turnover in 2019 is 400 crores. Conclusion Network Marketing does have its fair share of problems but they mainly revolve false and misleading information. However, you should not let false beliefs stop you from considering a network marketing business. You can achieve success if you gain solid understanding of the industry, choose a company carefully, find quality sponsors, commit time and effort to your business.  Global MLM Software is Leader in Providing MLM Software & Direct Selling Solutions to customers across the globe.  Visit our website to understand 200+ Ready to use features @ Try our Free Demo @ Connect with us for Business Consultation and plan Validation @
9 Signs You Have Senioritis
If you are about to graduate this year, then we’d like to congratulate you. You have successfully managed to cope with the tough and daunting four years of your life, or maybe more for a few students. But there is still a semester to go and you have to give your best shot to get a degree with good grades. For this, you need to make sure that you do not slack off on your school homework and deliver them on time. As senioritis might not be an actual disease but it sneaks up to you when you have least expected it. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to stop it. In fact, you might be suffering from it today and you don’t know about it. So, look out for the symptoms below and if you can relate with any of them, it might already be too late. 1. Procrastination, Procrastination and Procrastination If you are finishing up your assignments at the eleventh hour, you’re officially a part of the worst club of school – seniorities. And it is not something you should be proud of. Researching and composing content before a night not only increases your chances of failure but can also launch stress and anxiety. Although you can get the best UK law essay help for the law coursework or any other type of homework, you need to get back on track. 2. Failure to Keep Electronic Devices Aside You may feel that your hands are numb and your mind is fighting against your thoughts when you decide to turn off the TV or lay your phone aside. This is where senioritis is at its peak, making it impossible for you to follow up on your decisions. Here, you can do nothing but stay in that position for endless hours. 3. Inability to Remember Due Dates How are you supposed to remember the deadlines when you can barely remember to brush your hair before leaving the house? This happens when you are infected with senioritis and are unable to retain important information for a longer period. It cannot only mess up your project due dates but you might forget to take the lunch to the school or leave your keys behind while you are trying to unlock the car. 4. Trouble in Waking Up Early Studies suggest that seniorities can raise your energy levels at night, making you sleepless or irritated when you are trying to rest. As a result, you may feel dizzy in the morning and feel low in energy upon waking up. This disease has also reportedly increased intake of caffeine in last year students by almost 50 per cent. 5. Excessive Desire to Bunk Classes Have you ever tried to make excuses about false sickness or accidents so that you can skip classes and stay at home? Sadly, this is one of the ways of seniorities in students. You will find yourself reaching the maximum number of absences allowed or even exceeding it sometimes. By doing so, you not only set up a poor impression on your teacher but ruin your performance as well. 6. Lack of Motivation Whether you are having a hard time making yourself attend a school or preparing for the next big exam, seniorities are to blame. Lack of motivation and commitment is common among individuals who are infected with seniorities. However, what you can do is to surround yourself with high-esteemed and energetic fellows so that you stay motivated until graduation. 7. No Interest in Reading Lengthy Documents When you were enrolled in the program, you used to read the research papers and lengthy articles within a few minutes. So, what has happened now that you run from such documents? Well, it is definitely seniorities that is keeping you from concentrating. You may also have a shorter attention span and experience blurry vision when you try to focus on a document for too long. 8. Sense of Superiority Seniorities can make you feel like you are above and superior to everyone in the campus. When you start acting so, you automatically become egoistic and develop an attitude that has no basis. Cutting freshmen in the lunch lines and avoiding anyone less than your ‘class’ becomes a routine. Not only this but reaching the classroom 10 minutes late is nothing unusual for you. 9. Loss of Interest in Physical Appearance Repetition of clothes within a week is the most common symptom of an individual going through seniorities. Moreover, boys feel more comfortable wearing sweatpants to school and girls care less about wearing makeup each day. Therefore, if you have been least interested in maintaining and grooming yourself lately, then you might also be infected. What’s positive is that seniorities are not life-threatening and will usually go away with time. Fast forward to the graduation day, you would be all dressed up and excited for the ceremony. Until then, you have to push yourself to attend classes, complete assignments on time, look after your appearance and know that college is about to finish. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Read More Article About 6 Strategies to Get The Best Work From Your Students