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This past Friday, a man named Jeff Beam wanted to throw an afterparty for a Spoon concert in Maine. He would play two Spoon albums in their entirety for the event. Pretty good idea, I think.
And it was a good idea. And it was going well. And then Spoon showed up.
No, not the rest of the Spoon cover band; I mean Britt Daniel, Jim Eno and the rest of the band actually appeared at the 200-person event to join in with Beam and the other musicians to play some real Spoon songs.
Videos of the performance can be found on the event's Facebook page, and Pitchfork did some further reporting. Above, check out an video - the person filming might as well be playing the keys himself, he's so close.
What else is it going to take for me to convince you all that this is the best band in the world? I rest my case.
exciting things like that happen in Maine all the time!!
Hey don't forget about that one time a moose crossed the street
Haha this is awesome! I love hearing about musicians who go above and beyond to connect with their fans. This is also probably the most exciting thing that has happened in Maine, ever.