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It's baaaaaack! The shoulder pad fashion comes from the 1980s, the decade of go big or go home when it came to fashion. Massive shoulder pads were all the rage in the 80s and were an incredibly popular trend. Shoulder pads are coming back, but in a more understated form.
Shoulder pads are coming back after going out of style more than two decades ago. Shoulder pads give an hourglass silhouette by broadening the shoulder width.
The modern shoulder pad trend is not nearly as extreme as the shoulder pad fashion of the 80s. Phew. The modern shoulder pad trend is to add some definition to your shoulders and make them appear more square instead of rounded. You can wear blazers with shoulder pads or dresses that have shoulder pads to give you more of an hourglass silhouette.
Make sure you always try on a dress or shirt that had shoulder pads. People have many different shoulder sizes and widths. You want to make sure that the shoulder pads fit correctly and don't leave any fabric bunched up in any places on the dress.
Celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian, Anne Hathaway and Emma Stone, are rocking the shoulder pads fashion trend. Don't be afraid to make a statement with your shoulders!
Philippine traditional dresses are known for its high shoulder pads, I think.
I have one blazer that has the perfect amount of padding in the shoulders that it makes me look/feel super professional and classy. I say welcome back, shoulder pads!
I'm right there with you! I have a couple of blazers that have shoulder pads and I love how professional they look (plus it helps with the pain of carrying a heavy bag). :)