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Gone are the days of F4 flower boy, Kim Bum. As he shows off his older and serious look, Kim Bum covers the July issue of Singles magazine. Seems like he was promoting his latest drama, Hidden Identity, where he plays the lead role.
What do you think of this new look? I miss F4 Kim Bum but I think this suits him well too!
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Oh he looks hot!!!
3 years ago·Reply
@christy mhm! @chandnip804 He sure does, haha!
3 years ago·Reply
good looking
3 years ago·Reply
Whaaaaaaaat?! Where are his adorable dimples?! He looks good but :'(((((((
3 years ago·Reply
@kpopandkimchi He grew up. Lol. But he aged really well! Haha
3 years ago·Reply