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Could you imagine having the opportunity to just take money off of a board without any strings attached?
Well people did just that. The amazing situation took place at Los Angeles' Union Station last month. A board with a bunch of dollar bills was plastered on the wall by creator, Tyler Bridges. And then it was left there to see how people would react to the wall. Eventually the wall was swarmed. You might think that the wall eventually would be completely bare within minutes but it became a continuous act of kindness. People began pinning money to the board as well as taking a few bucks for themselves. Some people left fives, tens, and even twenties! This video truly shows the beauty of the human race. Such a feel good story!

Way to pay it forward!

"People of all genders, races, and socio-economic backgrounds gave and took."
"We even had a bride, in her wedding dress come up to the board and take a few dollars."
"What I can say for the folks that gave the most, is that they were full of smiles."
"There's a certain feeling that giving can do for you and that was definitely apparent in those that gave the most."
"After all, everyone has bad days and good days. Some days you need a helping hand and some days you can be the one giving the helping hand. So we just wanted to encourage the people and remind them to 'share the love.'"


Here's this awesome video!