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Frances Ha spends a lot of time alone in this film. One scene in particular showcases how alienated from her friends even though she's in a room full of people. Let's check it out.
In the scene above Frances (Greta Gerwig) explains what she wants out of life or a relationship. In a little under two minutes, we can see and feel how different she is from everyone else in the room.
There are very few cuts throughout the scene, so our focus is directed towards Frances and what she's saying. Noah Baumbach's decision to shoot Gerwig this way puts us in the room with her. Visually, this opens up Frances to the viewer and audience before she opens up to her friends.
While she's speaking, we get a few cuts to the people that she's talking to. They don't react to what she's saying with lines of their own, instead, their facial expressions tell Frances (and us, the audience) everything we need to know when it comes to what they think about Frances' dialogue. It magnifies the difference between Frances and her friends.
The only line in the scene that's said by someone other than Frances is on of her friends on the couch who believes he looks better in real life than in pictures. Even though this quick line seems like it was in the film just for quick laugh, it also tells us a lot about the kind of person Frances is versus the people at the dinner party.
Her monologue shows that she's obviously, somewhat, of a philosophical thinker. It shows the audience that Frances is concerned with things that are more "dense" than what her friends are concerned with. While the man at the beginning thinks about his physical features, we see that Frances thinks about a deeper connection with someone other than herself.