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New K-pop star Jung Il Woo has been cast by the popular Chinese variety talk show Honam TV’s Up Everyday and will leave for China on May 8. Up Everyday is a no.1 talk show related to etiquette, which ranked the highest viewer ratings in China for two consecutive years. Many famous world stars and businessmen such as Kimura Takuya, Bill Gates, David Beckham, and Hamasaki Ayumi have appeared on the show. Chinese fans loved Jung Il Woo’s previous work, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, so much that the series was the most viewed video on the site where you could watch it live. A representative of Soop Entertainment revealed, “We can really see how popular he is in China. He is offered many casts from various programs since the series Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and The Moon That Embraces The Sun have been broadcast live in China.” Many fans are looking forward to Jung Il Woo’s appearance on Up Everyday. He will tell about behind the scenes of Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and The Moon That Embraces The Sun. Src:
good for him
Pretty well,judging
your hot oppa,,,.
i love your performance in(49 days)movie,you're really cool, handsomeeeeeeeeeeee>0<!!
You are the best actor dramas for me! I like you. :-)