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That's right, I'm here asking the important questions everyone. But real talk: haven't you always wanted to know what slash pairing best represents who you are as a person? Which two dudes romantically linked are the closest to your personal avitar? Which superheroes kissing would be conjured by your wand if you cast a patronus? Take this short quiz and find out!
Keep track of your answers, whichever one sounds most like you is going to be your final answer! Would you describe yourself as...
A: Argumentative and combative B: Weird and intense C: Excited about science D: Sad and very cold E: A ray of sunshine
Where are you most at ease?
A: In a debate B: The center of attention, in control C: Building or creating D: Somewhere cold or confusing E: Wherever the beer is
Never have you ever...
A: Backed down B: Followed the beaten path C: Been bored by a new discovery D: Caught up with the 21st century E: Intentionally made someone feel bad
All right, now all you need to do is scroll down to see what your result is! Are you excited? I'm excited for you.

A: Stony (Steve/Tony)

You used to be the most popular Marbel ship, and for good reason: you are dynamic and demand our attention. The tension between the two characters is that perfect blend of idealism and masculinity. Always at odds, but your stubborness is borne from a sense of obligation. You're passionate, and sometimes you hide that behind bravado. But hey, you're probably gonna save the world some day. Fanart by gassada.

B: Thorki/Frostiron (Loki/Thor)

IT'S NOT INCEST IF YOU'RE NOT RELATED is probably a thing you have said out loud. You have a shiny, welcoming exterior, but underneath it all you're a disenchanted weirdo. You're impulsive and selfish- hey, there's nothing wrong with taking care of number one! But you also care very deeply. You're just not always great at expressing it. You're secretly everyone's favorite though, so don't let it get you down! Fanart by blargberries.

C: Science Bros (Bruce/Tony)

You've got something special going on... probably in your secret laboratory. You like to tinker and create Sometimes your creations are unspeakable monsters, but sometimes they save the world (no need to mention the unspeakable monster the world needed saving from...)! You're not the most outgoing personality in the room, but you've got charm, and LOTS of chemistry (it's funny because SCIENCE). Fanart by hallpen.

D: Stucky (Steve/Bucky)

You are the saddest thing to ever sad. You're old fashioned and probably doomed, but that's ok, because when you're not martyring yourself you're a lot of fun to be around. You should REALLY take better care of yourself, and stop beating yourself up over past mistakes. You're too hard on yourself, little do you know you're actually a perfect cinnimon roll, too good for this world. Fanart by hufwaite.

E: Odingers (Steve/Thor)

There is nothing wrong with you. You have no angst, no existential problems. You are where the party is at, and eventually everyone will show up and have fun with you. You might not be in the spotlight, but you shine enough on your own. Nobody has a problem with you, everyone wants you to be happy. You have a good thing going here. Fanart by drchopper7.
@shannonl5 I won't make any promises! :p
I'm very happy for you @poojas just please don't build any Ultrons
I am the Science Bros pairing. I am totally okay with that! The fanart is amazing!