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The sun is shining and it's time to pull out the sunglasses. Your sunglasses shouldn't be an afterthought to an awesome outfit. They should be their own fashion statement and should match the vibe of your outfit. Rock those sunglasses without breaking the bank!
The "a cat and a turtle had a sunglasses baby" sunglasses
The form of this pair of sunglasses ($8) is cat-eye shaped, but the pattern looks more like a turtle shell pattern, hence the naming of the sunglasses. Rock the sunglasses with the sass of a cat and the poise of a turtle.
The "I'm so mod" sunglasses
This pair of sunglasses ($6) screams that your second home is the Museum of Modern Art and that you spend your nights perusing fashion catalogs and brushing up on the latest trends. Make people think you know everything about the high fashion world (even if, like me, you don't). It's all about the illusion.
The "I totally love geometry" sunglasses
Were you that kid that was obsessed with different shapes in school? These octagonal sunglasses ($8) are totally for you. Rock these unique sunglasses and impress everyone when you tell that they are octagonal and that, yes, you do know what octagonal means.
The "Paparazzi are following me" sunglasses
These oversized animal print sunglasses ($7) are so Hollywood star. Rock the streets like you are in a movie or are looking stunning for the paparazzi in these sunnies.
The "Starry, starry night" sunglasses
The print and colors on this pair of sunglasses ($8) remind me of Van Gogh's "Starry, starry night." Become a walking piece of art with these sunglasses and let the sun sparkle and shimmer through the blue and purple hues in the pattern on the sunglasses.
The "Mentally, I'm on vacation" sunglasses
Even if you are stuck in the middle of the city or on your way to work, the print on these sunglasses ($6) will put your mind in a far off place with beaches and aqua water.
The "I'm a groovy flower child" sunglasses
This pair of sunglasses ($7) with flower charms will give off a girly flower child vibe. Slip on these sunglasses and you will suddenly see the world as more chill with a lot of peace signs. Far out.
The "Hold on, let me check my hair in your sunglasses" sunglasses
All your friends will be checking themselves in the reflection of these mirrored sunglasses ($6). That's what friends are for, right? The thick rims of these sunglasses add some edge to the mirrored lenses.
The "I'm too cool for all of you" sunglasses
These aviator sunglasses ($8) radiate coolness. Show all of your friends (and strangers) just how cool you are with these classes aviator sunglasses in a rose gold tint.
The "I'm a cool American" sunglasses
You want to show off your national pride without being tacky or too in your face? These American flag sunglasses ($7) flirt with that line oh-so-well. These sunnies are especially perfect for a July 4th picnic.

Rock those sunglasses!

I had two pairs of the same frames from Fred Flare (rest in peace lol) that were $10 and after four years they finally crapped out on me. I'm in that horrible transition stage where I had every pair of sunglasses I try on - but this card gives me a little hope haha THANKS!
@caricakes I totally forgot about Fred Flare! In middle school I had a giant pair of earrings that looked exactly like life-size cherries and they were super tacky but I loved them.
Yay! Go out and get a pair that you love and that make you feel super awesome!