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Superdad Geof Grubb of Cleveland, Ohio has been making waves online with the help of his adorable toddler, Layla.
Layla was born with a cataract keeping her from seeing clearly in her left eye, requiring her to wear an adhesive eyepatch for two hours every day until she is five years old.
Grubb has made the experience a more positive one for the family by drawing creative doodles every time she has to wear one, documenting each with a photo and, as a result, creating quite an entertaining gallery of different 'looks' Layla's been able to wear.
Sporting designs referencing anything from Emojis to Lord of the Ring, these eyepatch doodles are (almost!) as cute as Layla herself!

Check out more of Layla's awesome eyepatches below:

OMG!!! so so adorable...
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@aishalakshmi RIGHT? I think so too.. She has the cutest little smile.
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