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There are so many great K-dramas out there but not enough time to watch them all! So I want to share some dramas I really enjoyed through this collection. If you would like to make a card about your favorite, please do so! I'd love to know what dramas you all like and add them to my collection!
What's the drama? Medical student Oh Chang Min and dietician Oh Jin Hee fall in love when they meet in school and get married despite their families opposing them. Chang Min is the classic rich boy who comes from a family of doctors who think Jin Hee is not good enough for him. After the marriage, his family cuts him off and he becomes a salesman to pay the bills. This leads to tension and constant fighting between Chang Min and Jin Hee and they end up getting divorced. Six years later, they run into each other as medical interns in the same hospital, where they work in the emergency room together. Whether or not they get back together is what this story is about.
Why is it great?
1. It shows a realistic side of marriage.
If you've seen many K-dramas, you know they show marriages to be either too sweet or extremely dramatic. Emergency couple reveals a realistic side of marriage by showing how a couple can come to dislike many things about each other. Another great message of this drama is that liking someone is very different from marrying them and that relationships require a lot of compromise. (As a bonus, you get to see the angry sides of the always adorable Song Ji Hyo and Choi Jin Hyuk).
2. Choi Jin Hyuk is adorable.
Okay, this is more of a fangirl/fanboy reason to watch the drama, but Choi Jin Hyuk is absolutely adorable in this drama. Yes, he's a grown man and an almost-doctor, but that doesn't stop Chang Min from using his aegyo to woo back Jin Hee.
3. Jin Hee's cute baby nephew, Gookie.
This kid basically kept the mood of the drama up during the sad episodes. And I'm pretty sure he was holding together the marriage of Jin Hee's sister. Gookie got so popular that he got his own fandom after the drama ended.
4. Song Ji Hyo's angry side.
Yes, we've seen her badass and cute sides in Running Man and other dramas but never have seen her throw tantrums and get mad like she does in Emergency Couple. This side of Song Ji Hyo as Jin Hee is refreshing and funny and worth the watch.
5. Perfectly sarcastic second lead.
If you're tired of the sappy second leads that annoy the girl to get her attention, you'll love this drama. Lee Pil Mo plays the cynical and sarcastic attending physician that keeps the interns in check. But wait, you might still get Second Lead Syndrome (You've been warned).
6. Gary's hilarious cameo.
Last but not the least, Running Man Gary's short but funny cameo is another reason this drama is awesome. Monday Couple finally gets some real drama screen time in Emergency Couple. Best part? Song Ji Hyo asked for Gary to make this cameo appearance! So cute!
I haven't finished it but I love it so far
I love this drama!!
@poojas, I will :)
Oh I'll watch it! Sounds nice!
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