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5 Week Clean Up Diet
Eating clean can be hard especially if you aren't used to incorporating whole, natural foods like fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and complex carbohydrates in your diet. Here is a quick guide to helping you stay away from junk food, man-made sugar, bad fats (hydrogenated, trans-fat), preservatives, white bread and any other fake ingredients that typically make up a bad diet.

Week 1:

Add real fruits and vegetables to every meal. Side note: Fruit cups or packaged, dried fruit loaded with sugar do not count as "real" or "natural" no matter what the product claims.

Week 2:

No more fast food! I don't care if McDonald's stopped cooking their fries in beef fat. Stay far away from all fast food chains.

Week 3:

Give up white breads and grains because it's bleached and a ton of sugar and salt is added to it. I'm pretty sure that isn't something you want to consume on a daily basis. Instead, switch to whole wheat bread, pasta and brown rice.

Week 4:

Use a fruit or veggie as the base of every snack. Let your apples have a love affair with almond butter instead of caramel. Your health and teeth will thank me later.

Week 5:

No more soda or sugary drinks. These beverages are often called empty calories for a reason. Feeling thirsty? Drink water and only water.
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I'm starting tho. doing what I can, whenever I can, with what little I have, as much as I can. soon as we get a fridge. plan is mostly raw foods, only cook protein, and fruits for snacking and juice(no sugar). I'm living it already :)
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2 years ago·Reply
gud thing i just gave up sugar!!!
2 years ago·Reply
Great advice on this article! And it makes for a good challenge
2 years ago·Reply
I'm definitely going to try this, need 10-15lbs gone lol
7 months ago·Reply