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We all know about Hillary’s presidential candidacy announcement, her email scandal, and with you know, Monica Lewinsky being back...We sure do know a lot about the Clintons and their connections. But did you know they are the subject of the Off-Broadway hit: Clinton The Musical. This satirical musical was created by Paul Hodge, and adapted from Paul Hodge and Michael Hodge’s book about the presidency of Bill Clinton.
The musical follows the serious and stoic Bill “WJ" Clinton and his studly alter ego “Billy” as they go through the ups and downs of their presidency...and their quest to change the world, of course. The musical first appeared at various theatre festivals, it debuted Off-Broadway this year in the spring.
But the real star of the show isn’t Bill. It’s Hillary.
Kerry Butler plays the lovable and exuberant Hillary Clinton. Her character is mentored by Eleanor Roosevelt (played by the fabulous Judy Gold), and it’s pretty obvious where her ambitions lie...taking over the world with her husband, but also on her own.
Butler has a long list of Broadway and Off-Broadway credits, and was even nominated for her role as Kira in the hit musical XANADU. And she plays Hillary to pant-suit perfection. Check out this clip of her belting her solo from the musical.
This musical has only been Off-Broadway for a while now, and there is no sign of it closing any time soon. The musical itself is pretty brutal to the former president and first-lady, but it looks stinking Hillaryous. I haven’t gotten the chance to catch this show yet, but it’s been on my radar for months now...I would not recommend any serious Clinton fans to see this musical, but anyone else in the world that likes to laugh: Go see Clinton the Musical.