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I think I must be on a flower kick today, because right now nothing is more appealing to me than this lovely fresh rose petal tea. Rose petal tisane, rather – that's the name for "teas" that are just infusions of herbs or flowers, anything other than tea leaves. You can make tisanes from many common garden flowers, but remember to always make sure yours are organically grown, pesticide-free, and properly identified before brewing. ;) A big thank you to Erin at Yummy Supper for the recipe and gorgeous photos! Watch the calming video of her making rose petal tea above.

Rose Petal Tisane


The petals of one unsprayed rose blossom
2-3 cups of hot water
Optional: a handful of fresh organic raspberries
Bring water to a boil. Place rose petals in a large jar or any large glass container. Pour hot water over the petals, and allow to steep for 2-3 minutes only. Any longer, and the tea will become bitter. When steeped, pour into individual glasses and serve immediately. For a fruity touch, add a few fresh raspberries to each glass before filling with tea.
I'm sure this would also be lovely over ice! I'll be making this as soon as I can get my hands on some fresh, untreated rose petals. Such a romantic and beautiful beverage!
@shannonl5 Absolutely! Great idea :) that's the wonderful thing about tisanes; they're caffeine free, so no jitters :)
This does sound amazing! I bet it would be nice with blueberries too. And caffeine free too, right?