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Yes, the Mermaid Parade is a real thing and it's amazing. The Mermaid Parade is held on Coney Island every year. Here are the most memorable looks from the parade. All of the following pictures are from

***Some of the following pictures depict nudity and should not be viewed by children.***

The motto of the parade fashion should be go big or go home.
Sea creatures other than mermaids also made an appearance at the parade.
Even dogs came out in their best mermaid impersonations.
Marilyn Monroe in octopus form came out for the festivities.
There is nothing as too much glitter or too many sequins.
Flapper meets mermaid meets ice skater.
One merman caught a pesky shark.
My old roommate is going to be SO mad she missed this! Sending this to her right now...
@JordanNash but honestly!! the costumes are crazyyyy cool i wonder if theres a best dressed competition
I'm going to start planning next year's mermaid outfit now so I'm fully prepared for this awesomeness when it comes around again!
My personal favorite is the guy reeling in a shark! He must have promised a lot of free alcohol or free food to that guy to walk around and be his shark all day.
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