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Recently, actress Park Min Young revealed a self-portrait taken on the set of MBC’s new drama series Dr. Jin. On April 29, Park tweeted a picture and commented, “It’s Yoo Mina. Wink.” In the picture, Park is holding a red script of Dr. Jin and is smiling brightly in a white gown. The series is based on a Japanese popular manga, and it tells a story of Korea’s best surgeon, Dr. Jin Hyuk (played by Song Seung Hun), as he time-travels back to the Joseon Dynasty in the 1860s. Park Min Young plays a competent physician, Yoo Mina, in the present time but appears as maiden Hong Yeong Rae of a fallen noble family in the Joseon Dynasty. The two characters appear similar but exhibit a different charm. Netizens who saw the picture reacted: “Are you in the middle of shooting? I’m definitely watching this and looking forward to it.” “Still looking cute.” “The cast of Dr. Jin seem to be spectacular. Be happy!” Src:
season 2..i like city hunter
Cute love team:)
yeah right city hunter season 2 plssssssssssss
yeah!!! waiting for city hunter...season2!!!
we do need a season 2 huh XD
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