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This past week we saw senseless violence in the south, as the recent shooting at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, S.C. left nine innocent people dead. NYC legend Nas shared some words on the incident while at the red carpet premiere for the hip-hop documentary "Fresh Dressed."
“Mental illness is something that I wish we could detect earlier on…detect that and vaccinate it at birth,” said Nas ”Racism is rotting America. It’s been rotting America since America’s inception. So this is a very serious time that we’re moving into in 2015.”
This past year has been filled with turmoil within the urban community. We have seen young people die at the hands of police and citizens for little to no reason. While some cite that this is a battle of those “with power” (cops, politicians) vs. “those without power” (common citizens) some think that race is also a deep issue behind these crimes.
The tension level is very high within urban communities due to the issues that have taken place over the past year. Nas’ statement poises a good question: Is racism rotting America?