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When it comes to catching up on our daily slumber, the last thing we want to worry about late at night is washing our face -- unfortunately, it's a must.

If you rather break out every other day and wake up with an extremely oily t-zone, so be it. For those who prefer clean, clear skin, small pores and a natural glow then let's focus all of our attention on the correct way to clean and prep your face before bed with these quick, easy steps below.

Step #1: If you wear makeup, you already know it's a written rule that you must always wash off your makeup at night.

Whether you use makeup remover or makeup removal wipes, make sure you never skip this step. But wait, this is just the beginning.

Step #2: After removing your makeup, it's officially time to cleanse your face.

Choose a facial cleanser that best fits you depending on your skin type. Instead of using your hands to wash your face, use a white washcloth. Using your hands can be unsanitary opposed to using a washcloth that doesn't contain dye (shout out to my dermatologist for the quick tip).

Step #3: Follow up your cleansing routine with a toner.

A toner works to regulate your skins pH level and reduce the size of your pores. There are several toners out there, make sure you choose the right toner for you.

Step #4: After toning comes moisturizing your face.

Moisturizing is always a must, no matter what your skin type may be. Moisturizing is almost like adding the icing on the cake. Without the icing, it's simply not complete.

Step #5: Make sure you always sleep on clean pillow cases.

Change your bed sheets and pillow cases every so often to prevent buildup and bacteria from causing breakouts to your face.
I have a mandarin orange based toner that I swear works miracles. I don't know why I didnt start using a toner sooner!
That sounds absolutely amazing!!! From where? @caricakes