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That finale was pretty darn cool. But now that we've all had time to process it, it's time to consider what's in store for season two! There are a few things that really rocked in the comics that would work really well in the TV adaptation. (There are way more than three for sure, these are just my top picks- definitely tell me yours too! ).

Firestorm's powers

This was a little bit of a letdown. Firestorm used to be able to do more than set fires. But DenOfGeek reports that Firestorm will be back in season two, with more of the powers we remember. Apparently they were going to be featured, but the scene got cut due to time constrictions. It's 'definitely' going to be revisited though! I wonder what that means for season two?

Wally West

Maybe it's too early in the series, but Wally West is such a great character and it feels like such a shame to not include him in the live action show. Wouldn't it be cool to see Barry mentoring another superhero after the great arc he had becoming one in the first season?

The Thinker

One of the oldest characters in The Flash rogues gallery, The Thinker could do some insidious damage in the world that the show created. Plus, it would give DC space for a crossover with Suicide Squad, which seems like ssomething they're invested in doing (if the appearances from Arrow are any indication). He's clever and mnipulative, a challenging opponent for someone whose superpower is speed.Wouldn't it be neat to see a villain like this on tv?
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You're probably right @tjsedgwick I really wish DC was learning from Marvel in this regard. Maybe they're trying to differentiate themselves from their main competitor? I think what they're offering is different enough not to need to do that.
I think they need to follow more closely to Marvel's formula. Batman vs Superman won't flop because everyone loves Batman but Suicide Squad has new and old fans alike questioning the movie. But the DC Shows are great! Great article by the way
That's very true @tjsedgwick and thanks so much! I'm probably going to enjoy the next season even if I don't end up getting a single thing from my wishlist.
After that cliffhanger, I'm watching it no matter what.