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There's nothing quite like a red lip or red nails.

May the real classic ladies, please stand up. Although, you don't see as many people wearing red anymore -- it will forever be a classic color. Whether it be a red orange or a fire engine red, the color red is simply sexy. You can dress the color up or down and still give off that classy lady vibe without trying too hard.
If you're looking for change and think you might need some red in your life to keep things classy, let me be the first to show you that the color red is still claiming it's title as one of the sexiest colors to ever exist.
Red nails are as classic as they come. I can remember my mom and all my aunt staying with a fresh red manicure back in the day. Something about having red on your nails just screams sexy and sophisticated without going over board. The pinks and nudes might of taken over for a little while, but going the classic route every so often doesn't hurt.
Red lips, who can resist? Everyone is familiar with MAC Cosmetics infamous 'Ruby Woo'. Honestly, Ruby Woo might have put red lipstick back on the map and it doesn't look like it's going anywhere anytime soon. If you're ever feeling like your outfit is missing something, red lipstick is always a great pick me up. It will literally give life to any look and make you look beyond beautiful.
I alllways go for the red mani-pedi. My toenails are dark red right now!
I'm currently craving red nails! This card inspired that feeling.