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In the digital age of texting, Tinder and Twitter, the dating game has changed. Meeting and interacting can be done entirely online, changing expectations and relationships themselves.
No one sums up the world of modern romance better than Aziz Ansari. In his stand up special, Live at Madison Square Garden, he mocks everything from swiping right to the drawn out text conversations that our generation has before even going on a date with someone.
During his set, he asks for audience members to give him their cell phones and he reads, then makes fun of the ridiculous back and forth that comes with hiding behind a screen. A surprisingly large number of people allow him to read and pick apart their texts which is shocking, but incredibly entertaining.
His stand up regarding modern romance has been so popular that he teamed up with a professor of sociology to write a book on the subject, appropriately titled Modern Romance.
The outcome is awesome. I'm halfway through the book and can relate to almost all the situations he's described. He's obviously a funny writer and he includes pictures of ridiculous Tinder conversations to liven up some of the more boring data backing his points.
If a comedian's take on modern romance interests you at all, his stand up special gives some quick insight into relationships in the digital age. If you're more interested in data, personal anecdotes and plenty of screenshots of bad romantic conversations, I highly suggest his book.
I NEED THIS BOOK. That was my favorite part of his last stand-up special. I love when one of them namedrops that they're going to the Aziz Ansari show in their text convo, and he makes fun of it. So funny.
I didn't know he wrote a book. I'm so interested now!
That tinder screenshot – I DIED. Lol!!!
I'm not surprised @LauraFisher thanks so much for the rec!
@shannonl5 you've got to check out his book - everything he says is so true, funny AND totally backed by numbers. It's really interesting to read.
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