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All the unnecessary drama between fandoms needs to stop..
It's true. It doesn't really reflect well on the fandoms. EXO and Bigbang always seem to have gotten along? I remember Seungri saying in an interview once that he saw EXO sleeping in their dressing room, and he had this big brother impulse to cover them up with a blanket and make sure they were sleeping well because EXO reminds him of when Bigbang was just starting out!
Fan Wars are terrible, and pointless and everyone who takes part needs a slap across the back of the head to help them wake up! These idols are NOT proud of the wars between fans! So let's just end them... Please!!!!
As much as I'd like to think that fanwars will stop eventually, I can't say that they will. Especially with bigger groups, there will always be those intense fans that find one reason or another to argue with each other. But we can always hope!