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Hey guys!! Long time, no posts!! I have got of the Starbucks train and found a Classic Coffee Spot!! It is called Buon Giorno!! it really is a taste of Italy and more! I do not do reviews, but this one gets one! ***** 5Stars!! The coffee is roasted and sold here. Its a nice spot to come and read and relax. They even have open mic night and play great music that makes you feel like you are in Europe!! I am so Happy I found a spot that, I can enjoy myself and a great class of coffee!! Have a Great day guys!! Let me know if you find some new awesome spots in your hometown!! Be Happy!! Ariel R.
I'm sure they'll develop one eventually, especially if their local competition uses them!
I can say that's the down side. No loyalty program. At this time. I haven't gathered a whole lot of info on the cafe. I have to check out the website. I got it in one of the pictures so you guys can also check it out too!
Yeah, after a while I realized it wasn't worth what they were charging. I found that some of the best coffee is found in small unknown cafes. Plus Starbucks coffee isn't consistent with the taste. At Buon Giorno, I've been 3 days in a row, and the taste remains the same. Very consistent!!
A breakfast blend with chocolate notes? Yummm. And yeah, I got off the Starbucks train too. Their iced coffee hurts my stomach. :(
Does this one have a loyalty program at all? Like a punch card? That's my favorite part of small cafes. Starbucks' loyalty program is kinda wack.