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Fantasy medical drama Dr. Jin (working title), starring Song Seung Hun (playing the role of Jin Hyuk) and Park Min Young (playing the role of Yoo Min Na), released pictures taken from the set. On May 1, according to MBC, Song and Park shot the first scenes for the series last month at a university hospital. The pictures feature Song, who plays the role of the talented surgeon Jin Hyuk, who always does successful operations, and Park, who plays the role of the warm and compassionate doctor Yoo Min Na. They met each other for the first time. Song has transformed into a smart surgeon and captured the female fans’ hearts by wearing a doctor’s white coat, which looks like a suit on him. Park has also transformed into a beautiful physician and her long wavy hair makes her look innocent. In the picture, she looks like a very confident doctor. The production crew for the series says, “The two stars worked in great harmony right from the beginning of the shooting. They practiced together and monitored other scenes for the series. Their passionate attitude moved us.” The series is based on the Japanese comic book written by Murakami Motoka with the same title. It is a unique medical drama about a modern day Korean surgeon, who goes back in time to the Joseon Dynasty in the 1860s, and works there as a doctor. The series will start airing on May 26 when MBC’s series Feast of the Gods goes off air. Src:
its juz only d beginning scared..°_°
such a pretty and young doctor~~ if i were her patient i wouldnt want to get better so i can see her every day lol
park min young will surely fit her role in dr. jin!!